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Information You Need


To provide a smooth and enjoyable online shopping experience, we believe all store policies need to be clear, fair and transparent. Take a look below to learn more about ours, and reach out with questions.


How It Works

Our shipping has a separate cost added to the cost of each product. If you spend $75 worth of products, shipping is free. When we ship your product you will receive a confirmation email to confirm your product has an updated timeline to your door. If there is anything we can improve or adjustments for your needs, please let us know.


Everything You Need to Know

We have a strict no return policy on all items. Any order can be stopped from a shipment before the confirmation email is sent to your email. By emailing us your name, order information, and date of order placed, we will be able to find your products and leave them on a two-day hold. After those two days, items will be put back into stock.
If you would like to see any products before purchasing, we have a location in Bristol, Wi at Cool School Antiques.


About Our Policy

Our staff strives for the highest quality of efficiency and performance of our unique products and handcrafted decor. To ensure the best delivery of your materials, we use fast foundations of productivity along with outstanding vendors who are on time and quick to send products. Each package is personally assembled and inspected each step of the way before being shipped out. These products must be kept in a dry, room temperature space for proper installation. Any products received are not under the liability of Boho Bevy Boutique and cannot be returned.


All About Information Security

When using your personal information online, be sure never to save your sensitive information electronically.  Make sure you keep a physical copy for your records. entering your personal information will help us keep in contact with you during the preparation and shipment of your materials. Your information will never be revealed to an outside party. 

By using a third-party for payments you can be assured your money is going to the right location. We encourage you to never save your bank information on your personal devices without having the sensitive information in a physical for your records.

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